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An Investigation


Through this analysis, future-journalist Jean-Roger Helmin lays bare new developments in the world food situation in 2050. Nutrition in 2050 traces dramatically reduced paths to food (from BIGBANG SELF to the common man’s Governmental Food Distribution Units, from the labs of the International Commission to a star-studded market at the command of the élite), in the context of a globalized government on whose watch inequalities have reached a Gini coefficient of 1.


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EDITION translated to english (70pp.)

Production > Marianne Feder, Translation > Jacqueline Feldman, 

Graphic Design > Bruno Nazarko. ©C.F.A. 2016



A reading taking place within the exhibition BIGBANG self-service. The public is seated at the tables of the self-service. Backstage, the members of the C.F.A. prepare tray meals in the operational elements of the environment.


Espace Le Carré, Ville de Lille, 2016

Comédien : Michel Masiero



On stage : a table, a chair and a microphone. A projector casts light on the microphone and the empty seat. We can hear a test sound,  « ONE… TWO… »  and a clearing throat.  The sound is played in the auditorium.


Public Pool # 2, C-E-A, International City of Arts, 2016

Reader’s voice : Yannick Delmaire / ©C.F.A. 2016