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Through a multi-dimensional approach composed of nervous excrescences (by turns archeo-apery, crypto-apery, neo-apery, retro-apery, psycho-apery, mystic-apery, meta-apery and future-apery), we make multi-format projects. The device is one of expansion and constant reframing. Much like the short-lived, unstable state of potentiality that animates any fiction, this protean run-up expands the register of our creation.


Creation residency, Daïmôn, Gatineau, Québec



Looking for Marwall, 2angles, Flers, France

Inflate, Le Lobe Art Center, Chicoutimi, Canada

Observer, New permanent exhibition of the MACBSP, Baie-St-Paul

International symposium of contemporary art, Baie-Saint-Paul, Québec

Origins, Kitchentable collective, Leyden Gallery, London / Raum B, Berlin

Two half brains, La Gâterie, La Roche-sur-Yon, France

Public Pool 2, Objects have the floor, Associated curators (C-E-A), International City of Arts, Paris

Toxic, B.A.R. (Research & Art office), Roubaix, France

(Sus)tentations, Contemporary Art Center La Brasserie, Foncquevillers, France

Horizon 2050: Bigbang Self & Banquet, Espace le Carré and Palais Rihour, Lille, France

Horizon 2050: Meeting & projection (« Soylent green»),  The Hybrid cinéma, Lille, France

Horizon 2050: U.D.A.G. (curator Marianne Feder), Virtues studio, ArtCOP21 programmation, Paris, France

Beloved Liberties, 39/93, Romainville, France

Hyphen, Albatros studios, Montreuil, France

Free Wheels, Obrose Gallery, Paris, France

KABOOM!  The super-heroes land!, Colysée, Maison Folie de Lambersart, France

That warms!  Theat’reality festival, CCO of Villeurbanne, Week of coexistence, Park of the Golden Head, within the framework of the Dialogues in Humanity, Grand Parc Miribel, Lyon, France



CROYANCES, Facettes (4) revue, 50°nord, 2018

PAIN PERDU / FRENCH TOAST Issue 2: Origins, Kitchentable collective, 2016

Viability of the places of disaster? Interview : Jean-Roger Helmin with the Cabinet de Fumisterie Appliquée and the Société Volatile, 2016

NUTRITION IN 2050, an investigation, Jean-Roger Helmin, C.F.A. editions, 2015

LETTERS 2010-2023, Cabinet de Fumisterie Appliquée, Editions du Net, 2014



Museum of Contemporary Art, Baie St-Paul, Québec



Within the framework of the International Symposium of Contemporary Art of Baie St-Paul : articles and emissions in Le Charlevoisin, Le Journal de Québec, La Presse, CIHO FM, Le Soleil, Le Devoir, Radio-Canada, Go-Xplor, Le Quotidien, TVCO, 2017

Art in 2050, Sculpting the food of tomorrow, L’ŒIL magazine, september 2016

Horizon 2050, What will there be in our plates ? La Voix du Nord, may 2016

Eating in 2050, Lille Mag, may 2016

Horizons 2050, Lemon Mag, avril 2016

Horizon 2050, Dark feasts, Let’s Motiv, april 2016

Horizon 2050, U.D.A.G., SOUVENIRS FROM EARTH (independent TV channel)


Olivier de Serres art school and Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne University. Main exhibitions, shows, biennal : 104 (Paris) / Montrouge salon / Slick (Paris) / Show-off  Fiac (Paris) / Crane lab (Millery) / Contemporary art center Meymac France / Mains d’œuvres St-Ouen / Museum of immigration (Paris) / Running Horse Contemporary Art Space, Beirut (Lebanon) / Al Riwaq Gallery - Al Ali Mall - Bahrain (United Arab Emirates), Agnès B. collection.




Master’s degree in arts, University Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, Bachelor’s degree in Esthetics and sciences of art, research and teaching (2003-2006). Main exhibitions and festivals: villa Savoye (Poissy) / La Ruche (Rouen) / Video Crossbar (Toulouse) / International Festival of Video Art of Casablanca (Morocco) / Kunstverein art center, Magdeburg (Germany) / Main publications: Madness / culture Books, Quebec / Revised Return, editions Khorsabad / BOOK, Lendroit Galerie, R-diffusion / Acts, The art and politics taken aback, Colloque-Disloque, supervised by Jacques Cohen, Editions Harmattan, Esthetic Collection.